Oh October! You’re so good to Atlanta!

Now that we're slowly getting over our denial-fit because summer is over, we can now move on to how majestic October is!

Let’s start with a few of American favorite pastimes; besides it being the beer/sausage month, green smoothies before the holiday feast, football, parades and of course there's the trick or treat event! Where I jump in at the last minute and become a zombie fairy vampire, because they win every year!

The beauty of October is how gentle it can be at reminding us "there's 2 months left of the year, how are those goals you set?"

And by gentle, I mean days of rain, floods, mud, slips and then those beautiful leaves in sunlight. Our attention turns quickly to an array of yellow, red and orange, thus the transition becomes clear. We're clearing our way through the rights and wrongs of this year and preparing ourselves for the finish line. That just so happens to restarts shortly after and so do our goals. 

All that said, just as a reminder to have FUN! Be with Family! Do Cool Things and See the Beauty in the NOW! No matter the weather we can always adjust ourselves to what Nature decides. 

We live in a Beautiful State that provides us the privileges of living Free and creating joy within our Communities. 

Click here to see a live of events happening this month http://www.events12.com/atlanta/october/

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